Bolder Together! New Thought in Action


Our conversations focus on our perspectives of our country, your priorities, common grounds you share, and shifts you have realized from our time together. Join us, as we explore the possibilities to contribute to our country.

Can we make a difference? Let’s find out. New Thought Ministries in Southern California are banding together to address social issues. Can we bring our New Thought teachings to group sessions in a manner that allows for healthy and appropriate conversations about relevant topics of today? We are using this opportunity to look for means to allow all to be heard, and to look for areas of agreement and the potential for shared values that can be brought to a larger audience.

Monthly, each Spiritual Center involved will use a group forum for discussion of relevant topics at hand. We’ll then share our insights within our organization. Subsequently, our findings will be added to, a nationwide website intended to bring forward material for meaningful conversation among diverse groups.

Essentially, if we’re able to have a civil “Living Room Conversation,” is there an opportunity to create resolutions, honoring one another, rather than one being “right” at the expense of another being “wrong.”

Recent  topics have been: Race & Ethnicity in September and Immigration in October. The topic for Monday, November 19, was Gun Responsibility.

Potential topics for 2019 being considered  include:   1. Climate Change   2. Healing Violence Through Gun Control  3. Racism and Ethnic Fairness   4. Religious Intolerance   5. Homelessness and Poverty   6. Immigration and Refugee Rights   7. Women’s Issues and Rights   8. Gender Identity and Expression   9. Rights and Access to Healthcare

Do any of these topics speak to you? Most likely we’ll find other topics to include in the future.

For the Hemet-San Jacinto area, Rev. Rhonda Tretsven and Rev. Bill Heller are bringing our communities together for this program. Working together, we will arrange for monthly gatherings, normally on the second Sunday of each month. For all interested, we will join together, forming groups of 6-10, to host discussions on the current month’s topic.

If interested in joining us, please sign up on Sunday, or contact us.

Enjoy the video prepared to introduce the Bolder Together: New Thought in Action Community.

Join us! Together let us find the difference we can make in our community, our country, and the world!

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