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Church membership signifies your desire to make a deeper commitment to this ministry on two levels. We invite you to join or renew your membership in our congregation for 2022.

The first level is the level of your own spiritual development. Participation in this community allows you to evolve as a spiritual person. You have, no doubt, found support in living a principle-centered and God-guided life.

Second, you are intentionally contributing to our community vision which is simply to remember the divine connection within ourselves and others.

There will be a short membership class for those who have never joined us and would like more information about Unity, as an organization.

This congregation is doing great things that none of us can do alone! Our spiritual team will offer classes, and meditations, as well as other activities, are a regular basis again. Become part of a community of caring people that heals lives, achieves dreams and empowers others like yourself. We look forward to welcoming you (again) as an active member of our Unity family. Since our church by-laws require that we renew our membership annually, please complete the enclosed form and sign it to rejoin us in 2022.

Board of Trustees
Unity Valley Church

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