Join Us in Prayer

Dear Unity family and friends:

Since we, the Spiritual Leadership Team members, are unable to gather in prayer at this time of grief and sadness, please know our thoughts and prayers reach out to you and the many lives touched by the most recent tragedy in Texas, as well as the painful incidences that have occurred the past few days in Los Angeles, California and Buffalo, New York.

Let us open our hearts, bringing our commitment to Love and the compassionate beliefs we share. Let us pray in ways comforting ourselves and others. If you need prayer, please call a member of the Spiritual Leadership Team.  Our phone numbers are listed below. In its broadest sense, love is the imparting of the self, the givingness of everything we are or hope to be.

One of the greatest needs of humans is to be loved. We would not have this need if love were not the greatest thing in the world. Without love, we cannot live. We at Unity Valley Church, have learned to love everyone, believing “LOVE GROWS HERE”.

Let us remember to LOVE, even when in pain!

LOVE is the one POWER that can and must bring peace to a changing world.

We ask you to join us in prayer!

Peace BE Still,

The UVC Spiritual Leadership Team

Rev. Donna Maurice, Rev. Leora Nash,

Pat McKevitt, Lucinda Moss

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