Complete this form to confirm your membership in Unity Valley Church.

By declaring my membership in Unity Valley Church, I state that:

  • I understand Unity’s philosophy and basic teachings, am aligned with them, and place a high priority on my spiritual growth.
  • I am an active, involved participant in this spiritual community and wish to assist to maintain its loving accepting and supportive atmosphere.
  • I actively support the church’s mission, vision and goals, include the Unity Chapel in my prayers and value being part of something larger than myself.
  • I include Unity Chapel in my financial planning through consistent, loving and joyful giving, reaping satisfaction when consciously sharing.
  • I serve my spiritual community through my volunteer service and experience the value of selfless service.
  • I act with constructive purpose toward Unity Chapel and my community members. If I feel upset with the church or a fellow member, I seek inner guidance, then speak with the person(s) involved with the intention of finding a resolution.
  • I participate regularly in the church activities, recognizing that my participation is a gift that enhances the experience for everyone and refrain from feeling guilty when I am unable to attend.
  • Together with other members, I co-create with God the ongoing, dynamic life of this church. I recognize that united in spirit, we keep the doors open, expand its programs and services, and thereby bless and serve many people. Through membership in Unity Chapel, I honor the Spirit at work in me through this church.


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Include name, age, birthday for each child
  • In case we cannot reach you, who could we call?
  • Please describe your relationship (friend, brother, son, etc.) and include one or more phone numbers for your emergency contact person.
  • Please type your name again to confirm: I have read the covenant and completed the service portion of this form. I hereby request membership in Unity Valley Church.

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