Minister’s Welcome

Rev. Donna Lind

Rev. Donna Lind

There is an emptiness, a feeling of discontent and vague unhappiness that many men and women are experiencing today. Perhaps you have felt it as well. As a generation, we are busier and lead more complex lives than ever. For the most part, we’re doing a pretty good job of it. However, even with all we are accomplishing, we are often left with a feeling that something is still missing. We are beginning to discover that this is our spirituality. Who has not watched Oprah or bought one of the many best selling spiritual books on the market today, Conversations with God, or perhaps The Celestine Prophesy? This spiritual awakening is also causing many to look for a church home, hoping to find a place to deepen their spiritual understanding within a community of like-minded individuals.

Few are finding what they are looking for in the churches they grew up in. Many of us stopped attending for the same reason: irrelevant and boring messages; going to church looking for answers, support, encouragement and strength to face the challenges in my life, but leaving church feeling worse than when we arrived; a concept of God that just did not “fit” with what we intuitively felt must be true of a God capable of creating and sustaining the universe; and the exclusivity that suggested “our way is the only way to God.”

In all the world’s religions are the seeds of Truth. Different religions are like spokes on a wheel with the hub being God. They may be set apart by a variance of beliefs, styles and approaches, but they are all seeking the one God at the hub of all life. Just as the spokes on the wheel come closer to each other as they near the hub, so too, as each Path comes closer to God it comes closer to all other Paths.

Unity is a Spiritual Path that makes sense. Unity is a Path that does not insult your intelligence, that values you as a person, that affirms your intrinsic worth and does not use fear, guilt or manipulation to place you in a box of outdated beliefs. As you realize a deeper meaning and purpose to your life, you can experience more of what you want in life, and less of what you don’t want. There is one God, called by many different names and found through many different Paths. Whichever Path leads you to a greater understanding of God is the right Path for you.

Rev. Donna Lind

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