Weddings FAQ

wedding coupleHere are answers to engaged couples’ frequently asked questions.

Do we have to use vows you provide, or may we use our own?
Our minister will help you to make this service more meaningful and personal by creating a uniquely individual ceremony. This is a service of worship and celebration in which prayers are shared, vows exchanged and blessings given. Everything planned should add to a service that is worshipful, joyous, reverent and beautiful.

What about a rehearsal?
The wedding rehearsal usually takes no longer than one hour. Please remind your party to be on time for the rehearsal.

What will it cost?
Unity Chapel’s Weddings Packages are here. Please contact us for package prices.

If we want more information, what is our next step?
Please contact our office to view the facilities and to make other arrangements needed. Please complete our contact form or call (909) 658-4290 and leave your name, number and desired wedding date.

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